Are you dog enough to save the magic cane? No, wait... Are you magic enough to save the dog-cane?
Cake the Wizard is dead, and his mighty magic dog AAAH! is out of control! Can you save the world? Can you save the Dog?

Venture the dangerous hills of Minestronya as Dude, a Baker with the power of bacon! Confront angry fire-people as Dudette, the unstoppable Plumber! De-frost the laser volcano as Dudward, the candy-healer-wizard, or just be awesome as Dudorah, the Influencer!

Super Cane Magic ZERO is a bucketload full of weird, couch co-op Action-RPG!
Believe all the things people tell you and become unstoppable! Find insane characters to join your team and talk with a giant strawberry-flavored cake!