Update 19 - Patch Notes

Dynamic and Reactive Game

  • Sprint, brake, dash and knock back your enemies with new mechanics, effects and animations.
  • We significantly increased the amount of mana available to characters. More mana means more choice, more combinations of attacks and abilities.
  • Respawn, cooldown and pickup times have been reduced, while attack and throw animations have been sped up. This makes the character far more responsive.
  • You can now control even the smallest movements with increased precision at low speeds (curse you lava!)
  • Enemies and players are more fragile: every attack counts and every dodge can save your life.

New Items, Unique Traits and Off-Hand Actions

  • Off-Hand items now have actions just like Main Hand items. They can also be swapped using the quick slot belt. Off-Hand abilities are different from main hand actions: they are indirect attacks, power ups, mobility actions, etc...
  • We introduced about 30 new item traits, some of which are only found in unique items. This makes unique items really special as they offer combinations of traits and stats that cannot be obtained in other ways!
  • New stats for all items and their affixes: now it’s easier to obtain core stats.
  • We added more than 100 new equipment items of all types: Standard, Uniques and Set Items.

RPG system upgrade

  • We made big changes in our RPG rules to achieve a smoother progression and to remove uninteresting or obscure stats. This upgrade was necessary to include the large number of new items we added in update 19 and the upcoming story mode.
  • To create more interesting progression choices, we introduced character Classes. Classes define the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen characters. Will you make an extreme build exploiting your strong stats or will you try to compensate the weaknesses?
  • Power Level now increases your stats based on your character’s Class. All informations about your character’s Class can be found in the character sheet within the inventory or during character selection.
  • Beliefs have been updated to follow the RPG changes. Now the Power Level is gained by spending points in the belief page. Don’t forget to spend your points when you level up, it will make a difference!


  • Added LASEEEERS!
  • Added a tooltip that shows the stats for items on the ground or in a shop
  • Added all missing backer items (some of them cannot be obtained due to their spawn area not being accessible at the moment)
  • Added many items both Standard and Unique (some of them cannot be obtained due to their spawn area not being accessible at the moment)
  • New game mechanics, animations and effects for attacks, abilities, sprinting, braking, etc...
  • New effects for explosions, projectiles, status effects (poisoned, on fire, chilled, etc...)
  • Atmospheric effects like rain, snow and more 
  • Improved inventory and map interfaces, and added a Fog of War system
  • Added new musics and fixed some old musics that were not playing due to an error
  • You can now buy surprise boxes in some shops
  • We added a “magnetic” effect that allows player to pick-up Salami in a small area around the character
  • Every game area has now specific loot that drops from thematic treasure chests


  • Due to big chances to our RPG ruleset, we re-evaluated all game calculations. Damage, armors, special abilities and other game stats may have now different values.
  • New lives system: lives are now persistent and are reset only when accessing the map or being defeated. The base number of lives is determined by game difficulty
  • Set items now have a green trait that identifies them
  • Foods that grants the “vitamins” buff will heal the “poisoned” status effect
  • Every level will have a boss now. The boss is randomly chosen from the area bosses (This is a temporary solution before the story gets released)
  • Random Traits will now spawn only on purple items (and no longer in green and blue items)
  • Many effects that are continuously applied will have a less invasive notification (e.g. walking in the mud)
  • Explosions and area effects can now hit stunned characters, inflicting 50% damage
  • Levers and pressure plates have been made more reactive and the interaction with them has been made quicker


  • Fixed many bugs both major and minor on gameplay issues
  • Fixed some enemies attack AI. Now they’ll do rapid attack sequences alternated with pauses, instead of attacking slowly and continuously
  • Fixed some bugs with interface scaling (text disappearing)