Super Cane Magic ZERO is a comedy mix of couch game and action-RPG. Eat rocks, throw bananas, believe to be a comet and rescue the Magic Dog in this explosive action-RPG from the comicbook artist Sio and Studio Evil! 

After the Academy of Magic explodes, the world falls into chaos. Vegetables are rioting in the plains, the Laser Volcano suddently freezes and Fire People are on strike at the Lava Bakey.

Panic hits the streets, but a group of weird, half-naked individuals falls down from space to save the day. They seem just regular people but they have a powerful power... They have the power to believe. No seriously, they get super powers from believing every funny story they hear from people. Will their unbreakable stupidity save the world from chaos?

Super Cane Magic ZERO is currently in development, support the project by purchasing our Early Access release from Steam or the Humble Store!