On which platforms is it possible to play Super Cane Magic ZERO?
Super Cane Magic ZERO is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and on Steam for PC and MacOS.

Why isn't the game free?
Developing a game requires a lot of resources and, for us, it's a full-time job. The easiest way to cover development costs is to sell our games at a fixed price, so the player already knows how much he/she is going to pay for it. We believe that alternative solutions wouldn't allow us to guarantee a fun and satisfying game experience, which is a priority for us.

Will online multiplayer be a feature?
Unfortunately, no. Online multiplayer would exponentially increase the production costs, and adding this feature later in development or after the game has shipped is EXTREMELY complicated. The game still supports local multiplayer on a single system.

While I was playing Super Cane Magic ZERO I noticed a bug. Also, I would like to send you feedback about the game. How can I contact you?
Steam created a Community Hub where you can report bugs, send feedback or simply talk about the game. You can find it HERE.

If you have other questions write us at supercanemagic@studioevil.com or on Twitter @SCMZ_EN
We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!