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  • 20+ hour Story Mode. Go dangerously alone or team with up to 3 friends!

  • Crazy storyline and characters from the work of the Italian comic artist Sio

  • 8 local-multiplayer brawl Arenas. Challenge your friends in furious battles!

  • 18+ playable characters with unique and mind-twisting abilities

  • Explore a Huge World and countless locations spanning across 10 Different Environments

  • Loads of handcrafted challenges plus 3 additional procedurally generated dungeons

  • Follow your tastes and find a balanced diet. Eat at least four types of rock!

  • Choose what to believe in and make it real! Advance your abilities with Belief Trees

  • Full-fledged, accessible RPG Progression with 7 upgrade trees, hundreds of randomized and unique items and perks

Big Couch not supplied for Story and Arena multiplayer modes. Use your floor!